Is It Worth the Price?


Photo from my dad πŸ™‚

Before I start this post, I just want to say that I didn’t plan on doing a food review for this restaurant, and that the decision was really sudden so please bare with me cause i didn’t get the actual dish name :p

Would you rather….eat at an overpriced high end restaurant who serves so so foods or a restaurant who has a simple set up but serves great food at affordable/reasonable price? Well, no doubt I’d choose the latter one.

Yesterday, I had a chance to eat at Solaire’s Red Lantern restaurant for free πŸ˜› The interior was amazing. It was indeed a high end Chinese restaurant. I was awed by the ambiance, and I was really excited to try out their foods. I even twitted about the place (which is really rare, since I dont use twitter that much). Well, my friend replied on twitter saying how the restaurant was overpriced and that they serve so so foods. That kinda disappointed me 😦 Anyway, I was still hoping for the best haha :)) So the appetizer was yummy. It was liked pickled pear and apple? ( I dont know what did they call it) Good thing, the serving time wasn’t too long. The dishes were okay. I can say that it was really a fine dining Chinese restaurant since normally the servings would be bigger and the plates are not designed as detailed as theirs. What I loved the most was the fried baby back ribs (I didn’t get the name). It was really good, but other than that and the gindara fish, the others were just typical Chinese foods you can find in other Chinese restaurants. The meal was nice. It was enjoyable, until the bill came. Wow, Php 14000.00! ( Not that my dad paid for it… hehe :P) If you think about it, we just ate 1. fried pork belly 2. prawns with sotanghon 3. fried prawn balls 4. fried baby back ribs 5. fried gindara fish with eggplant in a pot 6. yang chaw fried rice 7. red beans something 8. roasted chicken in garlic, more or less just those. We didn’t even ordered drinks! I have to agree with my friend. It was indeed overprice, and super not worth it (well, the ambiance was worth it, and the super cool restroom with free napkins and tampons and acca kappa perfume)

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t planning to do a food blog for this restaurant. It’s just that I dont understand those people who rather eat in those kind of places. It may probably be because its more classy? I dont know. For me, I dont mind the ambiance. Although I can’t deny that I was really amazed by the place, what matters to me most is that the food must be worth the price (thinking like an economist) *wink hahhahaa :))))


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